Past Tour Resources

2000 Tours

Treasures off the Beaten path

Reinventing Downtown

Go to the Head of the Class

Taps and Reveille

Gown and Town

2001 Tours

A Haunting We Shall Go

Painting the Town Green

Landmarking…To be or not to be

Immigrants: Who comes, Who stays?

Second to none: Chicago’s Off-Loop theaters

2002 Tours

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2002 Symposium Program

Current Monumental Restorations

Clothes Encounters, Chicago Style

Digital Chicago

Lake Calumet: Where Industry Meets Nature

What Are the Odds?

  • Visit to a Loop off-track betting parlor
  • Riverboat Casino

Emergency!! Ready or Not?

2003 Tours

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2003 Symposium Program

Home is Where the Art Is

A Walk in the Park

Water Water Everywhere But…

To Market To Market

It’s a Dog’s Life

2004 Tours

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On the Right Track: Intermodal Freight

Fields of Dreams


Art-Full Education

A New Look On Campus

2005 Tours

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Pharmaceutical Challenges

How Does Your Garden Grow

Arts: An Engine for Neighborhood Change

Recipes for Success

Girls in Prison; Problems and Possibilities

2006 Tours

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Chicago Museums: Relevant and Reinvented

Children at Risk: Safe Havens

Mystical Magical India

Rejuvenating the Brain

Argonne: Science for Today and Tomorrow

2007 Tours

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Mapping the Future

Urban Academic Medicine-Visions & Visionaries

Muslims in Chicago: Perceptions & Misperceptions

A Greener Chicago Through Sustainable Design

Academia in the South Loop: A New Look

2008 Tours

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Philanthropic Chicago: Dynamic Agent for Change

Voting Chicago Style

21st Century Planning

CSI: Chicago

Everything Old Is New Again

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Lords of Vice: Inside Chicago’s Gangs

Spreading the News: From Print to Internet

The Real Pandemic: Diabetes

Gotta Have Art

ABC’s of Early Childhood Development

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Carpe Die’Em: Battling Invasive Species

From the Holocaust to Healing: Conquering Intolerance

Visionary Lakefront Communities

Chicago’s Vibrant Contemporary Art Scene

Public Education: Chicago Style

2011 Tours

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2011 Symposium Program

Poetry Chicago: Salons to Slams

It’s not just the Food: Chicago’s Urban Agriculture

Sleeping Chic in Chicago

Innovating Chicago: The Future Begins Here

Libraries: New Spaces, Faces, Hi-Tech Upgrades

2012 Tours

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Whoosh, Whirl, Splash, Chirp & You: MSI Rediscovered

The Digital World: A New Literacy

The Senior Class

What’s on YOUR Plate?

Body and Soul: Human Trafficking in Chicago

2013 Tours

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Bringing Drug Discovery to Life

If you would like to help support research in women’s health issues by supplying data, not money, consider being part of a database at the Illinois Women’s Health Registry. You could even choose to be part of a clinical study. Your data could help support the research of Dr. Teresa Woodruff.

Cracking the Case: Coling Art Crimes & Mysteries in Chicago

From the Great Wall to the Great Lakes

The Architects Tell Their Story: Logan to Roosevelt to Gratz

The Transformation of Hyde Park