Tour One: Bringing Drug Discovery to Life (Tues)

Ever wonder how new drugs for cancer, diabetes and heart disease are discovered?  Learn how at Northwestern University’s Chemistry of Life Processes Institute.  It is a pipeline for drug discovery and biomedical research from the lab bench to the clinic. The Institute brings together life scientists, chemists, engineers and clinicians in a building designed to promote interactions that spark discovery.

See how researchers are using ultra-sensitive imaging instrumentation to design new drugs to reduce the risk of side effects from chemotherapy.

Discover how Chicago’s only ultra-high resolution 3D visualization wall allows investigators to see how molecules, cells and tissues interact across multiple dimensions, resulting in learning and discovery.

Marvel at the way skilled researchers use intuition, expertise and advanced software to sharpen molecules into effective drugs.

Hear from a leading expert in drug development about the scientific, commercial and regulatory obstacles of bringing drugs to market.

Find out how rapidly evolving technology is leading to a new human proteome project that will provide a new roadmap of disease and aging.

Tour the labs, see the instruments and meet the intellects that are driving the future of medicine.

*** Level Three (extensive walking and standing)

Buses depart from Clinton Street, just south of Madison, and from the NW area of Edens Plaza (closest to the Expressway) at 8:30 a.m. and return to the same locations by 3:15 p.m.

Note:  All participants must check-in and board the bus at one of these two locations. Please indicate your preferred location when you register.

$85 (lunch included)

No Refunds available.

Tue, September 17, 2013
9:00AM to 3:15PM
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